Animal Services


Response no later than 12-24 hours

Stray animal that is posing an IMMEDIATE threat to the public

Domesticated Animal during Business Hours: 828-457-8509
Non Business hours: 911

Non Domesticated Animal call NC Wildlife: 866-318-2401

Animal Bite by an unknown animal (unaware of rabies vaccination by domestic animal or wildlife including bats, raccoons, fox, etc…)

Go to nearest emergency room

During business hours contact 828-457-8509 or 828-389-8052 
After hours bites will be handled by the emergency room technicians.
Follow up during business hours at above number

Non Emergency

Response no later than 72 hours
Noise Complaint and Animal Welfare

Print out complaint affidavit and return to 345 courthouse drive with photo ID or fill out the affidavit at the same address. If you are unable to print, please come to the office to get a copy to complete.

Please bring ID as we have to have a copy.  This affidavit is a legal binding document.

For safety of yourself and others, please do not bring animals into the health department